University Civic Engagement Club (UCEC)

University Civic Engagement Club (UCEC) is a sustainability-centralized initiative that instills the campus sustainability concept. This one-year project strives to empower youth-led movements by providing fundamental knowledge and skill-sets through a pledge campaign, seed funds, tailored workshops and interactive experiences.
UCEC was proudly established in partnership with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), delivered to both university communities, especially students, by EcoKnights.
The target audiences are students from USIM and IIUM who are both passionate towards environmental sustainability, as well as those who lack environmental awareness and are keen to learn more about issues and topics relevant to it.
The end goal of UCEC is to build up healthy environment shift in both campuses, initiated and mobilized by students and the campus community members.

The journey of improving awareness on environmental sustainability starts with YOU.

Being a UCEC member will help equip you with the necessary tools in playing a more active role in becoming environmental advocates!


Other perks of membership include:

  • Being able to pitch your project on the website via the pledge campaign, making them eligible to compete for the seed funds given to the most pledged projects
  • Receiving prior constant updates of latest news and information on upcoming activities
  • Being given the opportunity to gain and heighten your skills and networking through sustainability workshops, activities and volunteerism
  • Mentorship programs exclusive only to members
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Awareness & Education
To establish a diversified platform that provides students essential knowledge and skills on sustainable development education.
Environmental Action
To encourage active student participation and action in environmental advocacy towards the Sustainable Development Goals in campus.
Leadership & Empowerment
To empower student mobilization with a sustainable mindset that can foster a positive behavioral change in address environmental concerns.
Highlight Activities

Pledge Workshop 2.0

Ideation & Comprehensive Project Development!

Digital Roadshow: Youth Empowerment in Sustainability

Get exposure to more U.S exchange programs!

UCEC Pledge Campaign

Have an environmental project in mind to run in your campus? Take the first step by submitting your pledge.

First 100 pledge submissions will get a mystery gift!

UCEC Survey

We are having a short survey about sustainability 🌱 and we would love to hear your opinion on sustainability!

This study aims to understand your awareness, attitudes and perceptions towards sustainability! Your participation is greatly appreciated and would help UCEC to bring better activities to you!


Pledge campaign

Have a project in mind to run in your campus?

Pitch in your project and get your campus community to support by taking a pledge under your project.


UCEC will be running a series of capacity building trainings in sustainability ranging from the basics of environmental advocacy, project management to running the projects in campus.


Spreading the ‘Big Idea’ of UCEC via campus exhibitions is one of the many ways to engage with students & provide opportunities to them as UCEC members.


Volunteerism is a good practice of gaining experience & hands-on skills while helping the society and environment. Stay tuned to join tree-planting, cleanups & campaigns!

Mini Seed Funds

Successful pitched projects that gain high amount of pledges by the university community will win mini seed funds to be implemented in the campus.


Project teams that win the mini seed funds will undergo a few months of mentorship with experienced advocates and leaders in sustainability projects.


Grab the chance to kickstart & widen your network in sustainability actions by being a UCEC member & joining its activities. Building a network is vital in sustainability!

Open Day

This is the closing point for the one-year UCEC whereby winners of the mini seed funds will partake in the UCEC Open Day to showcase their projects to the public.

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