Pledge Workshop 2.0

Date: 20/9/2021 | Time: 3.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. | Venue: Zoom

Comprehensive project development & project proposal writing!

The Pledge Campaign is a primary initiative under UCEC that aims to empower youths to take social and environmental actions toward achieving the eco-campus goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pledges are useful tools in enabling students to transform creative ideas into measurable and action-oriented voluntary commitments on specific sustainability-related issues observed around them. In order to guide the university students to better understand the Pledge Campaign mechanism and explore potential pledge ideas, EcoKnights will conduct training workshops in the hopes that more students will be inspired to submit pledges under this campaign that are beneficial to their university community. This workshop 2.0, which is the extension of workshop 1.0, will include an information session as well as interactive activities in the form of breakout sessions designed to actively engage with the students on pledge writing and a more comprehensive project development techniques. The target audience are student participants from USIM & IIUM.

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