UCEC Social Media Lucky Draw

#UCECSocialLuckyDraw #IamInWhoelse

Lucky Draw Duration: 23rd June – 19th July 2021

Are you a creative content creator? Or always wish to be one but don’t have any opportunity to do so?
We got you! Come join the UCEC’s Social Media Lucky Draw that is specially designed for you! We have three different activities for you to join, where you can create a REELS about UCEC, a reflection POST about an environment film and complete a CROSSWORD PUZZLE about UCEC!
Seize this opportunity to showcase your creativity and participate in our LUCKY DRAW to win cool prizes!
How it works:
  • You will get ONE LUCKY TICKET for your participation in EACH activity.
  • You will also get ONE BONUS TICKET if you SHARE your submission of Activity A and/or B on your Instagram page (one ticket per post) and tag UCEC in it.
  • The higher the number of your lucky tickets, the higher your chances to win the lucky draw prize!
And that’s not all! We have also prepared a GRAND PRIZE for the best submission, so bring the best out of you!

How To Join?

  1. Register as a UCEC member.
  2. Sign up for the Social Media Lucky Draw form below and join any or all three activities.
  3. Send your submission(s) to UCEC Instagram account (@thinkactsolve) via Direct Message.
  4. Post your submission(s) of activity A and/or B on your Instagram page if you would like to earn an extra lucky draw ticket.


  1. Tell Me About UCEC Without Telling Me About UCEC

  2. My Thoughts On_  

  3. Cracking The Crossword Code

Activity A:
Tell me about UCEC without telling me about UCEC

  • Create an Instagram REELS by using any form of audio/visual material to describe University Civic Engagement Club (UCEC) without mentioning the words “UCEC”.
  • Keep your reels between 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Follow the format of the example: Show or tell the words “Tell me about UCEC without telling me about UCEC” at the beginning of the reels.
  • You can choose not to show your face in the reels.

Activity B:
My Thoughts On…

  • The UCEC Committee will be screening a short film and we want to hear your thoughts on the film.
  • Create an Instagram POST by posting your favourite scene of the film and writing your opinions and reflections based on your understanding of the film screened.
  • Not more than 200 words
  • Your paragraph should be uploaded as a Caption.
  • Your Post should be a snapshot of the film with significance to your caption.
Activity C:
Cracking the Crossword Code
  • Join us in a fun game of Crossword Puzzles and create an Instagram POST by showing the screenshot of the results of your Crossword Puzzles!
  • (Hint: everything you need to know about UCEC)
  • Your answer must be correct in order to be eligible for the lucky ticket
Social Media Lucky Draw
Sign up as a UCEC Member to join the Social Media Competition here: http://thinkactsolve.my/login/?action=signup
(you can choose more than 1 contest)

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